Certain things in life are guarantees… death, taxes, and that EDM East and company will bring you the best up and comers in the trance universe.

On June 13th, EDM East in conjunction with Mystery Sounds and EDM Lounge brought rising stars Steve Allen and Scott Envy to Chrystie 141 for both their first visit to New York City, as well as their longest set to date (4 hours).
Allen & Envy really broke onto the scene in a big way with their 2013 remix of Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight, and Sara Lynn’s stellar “Silhouette.” Their follow up with Sara “Save Your Last Breath” is certainly one of the top vocal trance tracks of 2014, and other absolute bombs such as “Stole the Sun,” and “Ark” have proven that these British lads are not going anywhere anytime soon.
Chrystie 141 was a great locale for their NYC debut. Size and location are big factors for me, and this one definitely was perfect in both senses. It’s great when these parties have the “everybody knows everybody” sorta vibe, and if you didn’t before ya got there you certainly ended the night that way!
Mir opened things up with a well thought out, spot on trance set. He included some reworked classics like “No One on Earth,” PVD ft. Johnny McDaid “Home,” and closing with the epic track “Swing to Harmony” by Perasma (Gabriel and Dresden Mix). Openers don’t get enough credit for setting the mood right for the evening. A set that’s either off genre, or off bpm, or too banger heavy can really throw the night off. But this certainly wasn’t Mir’s first rodeo and he always keeps the crowd in sync.
Allen and Envy came on around 1130 to start their 4 hour set. Early on they included the Freedom Fighters remix of Simon Patterson’s “Dissolve” which is really impressive and pulled the crowd in. Speaking of which, there was a great turnout at this point. You could certainly move around between the dancefloor and the bar, with just enough space to dance.
Steve and Scott were super engaged with the crowd, climbing all over the booth and even jumping into the crowd for a kumbaya circle sing along of what is probably the 2014 anthem “On Fire” by Luke Bond and Roxanne Emery. They packed their banger “Save Your Last Breath,” “Silhouette,” “Stole the Sun,” as well as Roman Messer’s “Frozen” which works perfectly with their euphoric, melodic, and vocal trance stylings.
There were some minor technical issues during the set both with power, and with the mixer itself, but like the veterans they are, Steve and Scott powered right through. I think their engagement with the crowd helped greatly with that. They built that connection with NYC and the love fest was legit!
Around 330pm the set concluded with an encore of “Silhouette” and Daniel Sea came onto the decks. I’d only seen Daniel in opening roles previously (most recently for May 2‘s Sied Van Riel), so was curious to see what he had in store. In true NYC closing fashion, he did not disappoint with a set full of banging 140 tracks which was definitely unique from the building set he brought the last time. Menno’s “Creatures of the Night” “Black Hole” by Craig Connelly and Christina Novelli, and some Indecent Noise were among the highlights.
All in all, this was really a great night for trance in NYC. Even RAM, in town to perform the next night with Mark Sherry, made a cameo appearance, showing the love among all in this trance family of ours. We have to remind ourselves that there are few cities and promoters in the USA that can bring guys in for their USA debut. We are so very fortunate to have folks like EDM East, Mystery Sounds, and EDM Lounge who have their finger on the pulse of this scene and keep the trance alive!
Till next time I wish you love, peace and TRANCE!

Originally written for ENL by euphoria

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