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Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller

A People Book of the Week, Book of the Month Club selection, and Best of Fall in Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, The Washington Post, New York Post, Shondaland, CNN, and more!

[A] quirky, big-hearted novel…Wry, wise, and often laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a wholly original story that delivers pure pleasure.” —People

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Man Called Ove comes a charming, poignant novel about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined.

Looking at real estate isn’t usually a life-or-death situation, but an apartment open house becomes just that when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes a group of strangers hostage. The captives include a recently retired couple who relentlessly hunt down fixer-uppers to avoid the painful truth that they can’t fix their own marriage. There’s a wealthy bank director who has been too busy to care about anyone else and a young couple who are about to have their first child but can’t seem to agree on anything, from where they want to live to how they met in the first place. Add to the mix an eighty-seven-year-old woman who has lived long enough not to be afraid of someone waving a gun in her face, a flustered but still-ready-to-make-a-deal real estate agent, and a mystery man who has locked himself in the apartment’s only bathroom, and you’ve got the worst group of hostages in the world.

Each of them carries a lifetime of grievances, hurts, secrets, and passions that are ready to boil over. None of them is entirely who they appear to be. And all of them—the bank robber included—desperately crave some sort of rescue. As the authorities and the media surround the premises these reluctant allies will reveal surprising truths about themselves and set in motion a chain of events so unexpected that even they can hardly explain what happens next.

Rich with Fredrik Backman’s “pitch-perfect dialogue and an unparalleled understanding of human nature” (Shelf Awareness), Anxious People is an ingeniously constructed story about the enduring power of friendship, forgiveness, and hope—the things that save us, even in the most anxious times.

The beginning of this book is a combination of Abbott and Costello (“Who’s on first”), The Three Stooges, Six Degrees of Separation,and Saturday Night Live. Then it flows into one of the most meaningful stories you’ll ever read. What great characters!

It took longer to love this story and to untangle it than it did Ove, but in the end, once I’d turned the last page, it felt just a sweetly sad and delightful.

I laughed, I related, I scratched my head, and I cried. I purchased this book not really knowing what I was going to get into. It was the new year, and in my new year slump/depression I told myself I was going to read more. I had a very hard time putting this book down, and that NEVER happens to me. Give this book a read. I didn’t mind the story order as much as some other reviews have mentioned. I found the way the story is told is like how a tv show is written. I want to go tell my friends and family about this book.

The story started off slow as the author revealed the quirky characters. As they developed, the connected emotions and general goodness in people’s hearts became the primary theme woven around an interesting getaway story. Clever story, interesting characters and beautifully written.

We all need this book right now

Reading this book I laughed a lot, and cried a little at the end. I just loved this book!

This book touched me in so many ways. It is one of my most favorites and I will recommend it!!

Beautifully written book! Lessons, laughter, and the power of love! Thank you!

This book had me deep in my emotions. The characters were so well developed anyone could connect. A must read for all.

Brilliant author. Beautiful story. Funny, quirky, heartfelt and compassionate - I’m still trying to figure out how Blackman pulled this off. This is one I will never forget.

Read to the end! It makes it all worth your time.

As with “A Man Called Ove”, the story begins slow but stick with it. In the end, it’s was so worth the read. I loved this story.

There are so many sweet excerpts from this work to keep on post-its where we’d see them every day. Maybe then we could live a more harmonious existence. This is a story about idiots. We are all idiots, and we really could afford to cut each other a little slack on the matter.

Finished this in a weekend and was rather touched by the end. Backman does an intriguing job at developing characters, although it did take me a few chapters to settle into his humor. The mystery of it all added an exciting layer of narrative to the story. As someone that watches more movies than reads books, this novel was pretty cinematic.

First time reading in a very long time, plenty of good twists and relatable writing. I was able to guess some plot lines but very cute book.

A bit of a slow start, but I’m so happy I stuck with it. I found myself laughing and crying all the way through. So many highlights of profound quotes. Especially meaningful to anyone who has been affected by suicide.

What a perfectly wonderful story

So many great story lines in one. A great feel good book for right now.

Loved the writing and how the story connected characters together from beginning to end. Plenty of moments made me laugh as well as many that made me stop and think. Really enjoyable read!

Characters went from idiots to annoying and wanting them all to jump off a bridge to complete people.

By far, one of the best books I’ve ever read. Heartfelt, humorous, rich and full of life’s beautiful mishaps and mysteries. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a read that offers a little understanding, a bit more compassion, and a whole lot of laughter on the ties that bind us together, both seen and invisible. Backman is superb!

Absolutely brilliant. Powerful. Thank you for this.

Life is too short to read this book.

This was a great read with many characters intertwined in way that only Fredrick Backman can do. Each detail leaves you wanting to know more... each character so well developed you feel as if you know them.

I have always loved books and literature....but in today’s seems impossible to find a writer that can captivate you immediately! I lost my mother a month ago....I suffer from anxiety...the title caught my attention.....the book had nothing to do with what I thought. But I immediately was drawn a months time (almost impossible for a teacher, Coach, mother, wife, friend...grieving child) I have read 3 of his books! I start and every time...I find myself “binge reading”. One more chapter I say..... The ability to so perfectly tell a story of smaller stories back and forth between characters, while including real life situations, lessons, feelings.....I feel speechless trying to explain the brilliance! Thank you for taking me out of reality and introducing me to it at the same time!!

Very confusing story line. Basic premise and lack of impressive prose. I was anxious for this story to end.

Excellent story telling. Written in a quick-witted manner. I couldn’t put the book down, and the way it’s written helps you keep a quick reading pace. The way the author ties so many stories together is marvelous.

At first I thought this was a silly book. Silly characters and a confusing premise. Over time, the people became real and their stories were endearing. Backman has a flirtation with suicide in this and all of his other books which I find a little disturbing but otherwise I ended up enjoying Anxious People.

One of the sweetest, funniest, most emotionally affecting books I’ve ever read. Holy cow.

He just gets the simple, but complicated, human experience. This book had me laughing, crying, connecting with the compassion we have for each other. Bought it for gifts for my mother and friend.

I didn’t want the stories to end...

A wise heartfelt story.

Amazing woven quilt of wit, humanity,profound insight and commentary on the impact that financial peril has on families and how we can help one another with surprising acts of grace.

Loved the playfulness of the writing throughout! Definitely recommend!

Read it all the way ... you wont regret it.

Very impressed with the use of every day life experiences among the characters in a humorous manner

An absolute delight.

A story about people living the best they can. A story about how we all affect each other.

Being a person can be hard, and this books gives a little insight into why.

Beautifully written piece about connections and empathy. A truly moving work disguised as a mystery, with lots of humor and pathos. It will keep you riveted until it’s surprise ending(s). Read it and enjoy. In these crazy times especially this is a much needed work. Thanks.

I found the story hard to get into. The humorous parts were good, the ending was predictable. I expected more with the ratings it has received.

I hope they make this book into a movie!

At first I enjoyed his take on being human. Then I disliked some of the people. And I was curious. Why? Why? Why? Then I liked some if the people. Then I felt worried about some of the people. Now I miss all the people.

Just had a great experience reading this. So much truth wrapped up in a funny, sad deep and meaningful story. Highly recommend but warning I had to read to it straight through. Could not stop!

I am 56 years old and an avid reader of many different types of genres. I have NEVER written a review on anything..... nor have I ever rated any book I have read. That changed today, upon completion of this BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN READ. This is the most amazing, heartfelt, thought provoking book I have EVER had the pleasure of reading. The book is about life. A very, very true account of life. About, love, hate, anger, jealousy, heartbreak, guilt and every other emotion we, as humans, go through on a daily basis. This is a story of human day to day life, and the struggles and demons we all face. Bravo to the writer, whom, in my opinion.... taps into so many different emotions. I cannot even begin to count all the quotes I have highlighted in this read. This book will be highly recommended to every reader that I know. Devour it...... and let it touch you, the way it has me. 10+ stars if allowed!!!

This book made me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. If you’re a person going through a hard time, this book is for you. Can’t thank the author enough for writing something this great. Entertaining, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. A truly great story. Poetry for people who dislike poetry. Lovable characters, TRULY GREAT, and an absolute classic. I’ll absolutely be reading every one of Backman’s novels after this.


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