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About Robert B. Parker's Someone to Watch Over Me

In the latest thriller featuring the legendary Boston PI, Spenser and his young protégé Mattie Sullivan take on billionaire money manager running a network of underaged girls for his rich and powerful clients.

Ten years ago, Spenser helped a teenage girl named Mattie Sullivan find her mother's killer and take down an infamous Southie crime boss. Now Mattie--a college student with a side job working for the tough but tender private eye--dreams of being an investigator herself. Her first big case involves a fifteen-year-old girl assaulted by a much older man at one of Boston's most prestigious private clubs. The girl, Chloe Turner, only wants the safe return of her laptop and backpack. But like her mentor and boss, Mattie has a knack for asking the right questions of the wrong people.

Soon Spenser and Mattie find ties between the exploitation of dozens of other girls from working class families to an eccentric billionaire and his sadistic henchwoman with a mansion on Commonwealth Avenue. The mystery man's wealth, power and connections extend well beyond Massachusetts - maybe even beyond the United States. Spenser and trusted ally Hawk must again watch out for Mattie as she unravels a massive sex-trafficking ring that will take them from Boston to Boca Raton to the Bahamas, crossing paths with local toughs, a highly-trained security company, and an old enemy of Spenser's--the Gray Man--for a final epic showdown.

This is the worst excuse for a Bob Parker book I've ever seen! I can't believe the The family needs the money that much that they have to put this tripe out

Read the entire Spenser series to date. If not for the subject matter it would get easily be a 4 star.

Great Spenser read just as if written by ROP himself.

The best Ace Atkins’ RBP Spenser of them all. I’m ready to read it again. Our favorite characters are authentic and true to the originals. While the story is a retelling of something most of us learned from the news, it is the return of the authentic Hawk and Spenser that makes this my favorite Ace Atkins’ book in the series.

Lame wisecracks, plotless leech onto the Jeffrey Epstein case, and a few violent moments. Don’t waste your money.

Do not waste your time. Under 300 pages. Read an article on Jeffrey Epstein and save your money.

LOVED this. The return of Spencer, Susan and Hawk to right wrongs is like visiting with old friends. Old friends with the smarts, skills and will to end evil doers.