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About Spark

Tattooed Protector. Hollywood Princess.

Nick Gallo lives wild and free, avoiding any complications or drama. But when he overhears a conversation at a late-night taco stand, he can’t help but insert his two cents, telling the woman she was too good for that kind of hassle.

Josephine Carmichael lives in the crosshairs of the paparazzi as the child of a Hollywood power-couple. But when her celebrity boyfriend has an affair while they’re on vacation, she takes off to the middle-of-nowhere Florida, ending up crying in her nachos.

And when Nick finds Josephine sleeping in the parking lot of a local store, his protective instincts take over. What starts out as a simple favor, takes them down a road they never imagined.

Spark is the sixth interconnect standalone book in the new steamy romance Men of Inked: Heatwave series by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Men of Inked: Heatwave Series:
Book 1 - Flame
Book 2 - Burn
Book 3 - Wildfire
Book 4 - Blaze
Book 5 - Ignite
Book 6 - Spark
Book 7 - Ember
Book 8 - Singe

I was wholly unprepared for how much I would love this book! I have loved them all but I think this is my favorite. Nick is awesome! The whole Gallo clan is!! And Jo! Wow. I fell hard for her too! I found this tale to be refreshing and I loved the Hollywood aspect! Surprising me is a hard thing to do and this book did! 5 stars. Easy. Highly recommend

Great book!

Nick’s story pulled me in from the first page and held me until the very end. This book was full of love, family, and protection. Like all the Gallo books this one centered around family and devotion and I would not have expected anything else. Nick is sweet with a tough exterior. He had me swooning many time through out reading. Nick also doesn’t really care what others think and does what he wants no matter the consequences. Jo is sweet and has to hold up a certain image. When her life crumbles around her, she does the only thing she can think of and runs. When she ends up in no where Florida, will her back luck turn around? This book was full of everything from love, to suspense, and even a little action. I can’t wait for more of the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series.

I absolutely love the new generation Gallo books. But I did love, love this book. The characters were written well. In the very beginning, I thought Jo was going to be trashy. Lol. The last book lead me to believe Nicky was going to be nothing but trouble. However, with a family like his, I should have known better. I love being a ‘Gallo Girl’.

This was such a great book! I love how we finally got to learn a little bit about Nicky! Can’t wait to read Rocco and Mello story! There was even a few parts that had me laughing out loud (literally!) I think we also need an updated version of the Gallo family tree.

Spark is book 6 in the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series. It can be read as a standalone but this series is fantastic and you will really enjoy the times with the side characters so much more after reading the entire series! Nick Gallo - Has become one of my favorite Gallo men! He is a protective, kind, alpha, swoon-worthy hero. I loved how hard Nick fell after thinking he was only helping Jo out for a few days! Jo has lived her life in the spotlight of Hollywood. Although she grew up in a life of privilege she has never had the unconditional love and support of her parents/friends. I loved how she discovered herself and what her true dreams are, being able to stand up for herself and not run. Gallo Family Dinners are always a favorite of mine and Spark gave us some great moments with the family! I laughed and other times had to wipes tears away. Can't wait to see where the next book takes us.

I don’t know how Chelle Bliss does it, but each book in this series literally just keeps getting better and better. Spark can be read as a stand-alone and is the first book in the series with a Gallo man as the hero. And my oh my, Nick Gallo is absolutely everything that I hoped he would be. This sexy alpha certainly proves in more ways than one that’s he’s all Gallo. I love the creative storyline, Josephine Carmichael aka Jo, is the daughter of a Hollywood elite family and her status and upbringing is the complete opposite of Nick and the Gallo family. However, their story proves that opposites definitely attract as their journey coupled with the well loved Gallo family is wonderful. Spark is a steamy, sexy and fast paced read that will keep you entertained with the turn of each engaging page. The next book can’t come soon enough.

This was such a swoon worthy read! Unexpected strangers meet in such a way that they are automatically drawn to each other and when they collide it’s more than amazing. Everyone needs a nick in their life, he’s funny, swoon worthy and everything a woman would want in a man. Jo is worried that her life is way to different than nicks because of the status of fame that her family has. But still is drawn to this stranger she’s just only met. I promise you that this book will leave you satisfied and happy. I loved everything about it 💜 Without a doubt 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nick is one amazing man. A gentleman in all the ways.Jo has never been around anyone like Nick. All she knows is people always wanting something from her. They make for one interesting complicated couple. They never knew what hit them before it was to late. Could not wait to see where the story was going. Love the Gallos. They are such an amazing strong loving family. Can’t wait to read more.

OMG!!!! Spark was amazing.

All of the Gallo men are dreamy, sexy and good to their women. They work hard, love their families and never miss Sunday dinner at their grandparents’ house. Nick Gallo is no exception. He would never leave a woman alone in a dark parking lot, so he rescued Jo and brought her home. Little did he know that his act of kindness would change his life forever. Nick and Jo connected the minute he noticed her crying at the taco stand. Nick was kind to her and immediately wanted to protect her. He was surprised at how well they got along -- it was as if they had known each other forever. Nick’s Gallo cousins make an appearance in “Spark,” and of course they were interested in the mystery girl who was by his side. The bond he has with his cousins showed Jo how wonderful having a loving family can be. She felt at home with her new friends and was thankful that Nick came to her rescue and saved her from the darkness. Chelle Bliss accurately describes the unconditional love that exists in the typical Italian family. Nick was brought up to protect women and Jo was fortunate to have met him when she needed a warm hug and a kind ear. I love this book because it made me laugh and smile and I thoroughly enjoyed their romance. Nick and Jo exude happiness and positivity and they never let anything get in their way. At a time when happiness is in short supply, Nick and Jo made me believe that love is the answer and that we should never give up hope.

Nick is just so *SWOON* 😍. But what do you expect, when all the Gallo men are all swoon-worthy, it only stands to reason that their boys would be too. Nick has that bit of cocky arrogance that is also standard, but underneath that, he is all heart. And he easily shows it and gives it to Jo, who at first glance is a woman with an attitude (and rightly so). But the more time they spend together, he realizes she’s a “beautiful broken”, with a heart of gold. They have a connection that just keeps growing the more time they spend together. And did I mention how swoony Nick is? 😍 He shows it, in so many ways. And Jo deserves it all. I completely loved their story ❤️. I can’t wait for the next one in the series, Rocco. If he’s a fraction of James, oh boy, watch out!