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About The Last Fitness Strategy

You NEED to lose the fat. You have tried every diet and plan possible, and failed. We have your solution with The Last Fitness Strategy.

Thank you Cody! This is straight to the point and the motivation I need to start this journey!!

I have debated getting this book for a couple month now (I was in denial that I really needed to change my workout routine). I am so glad I did! I can’t wait to stick to this book and see the results. Thank you!

Listen, some people on here complain it’s too short or common sense... then why did they look for a resource to loose fat if they already knew?! Anyway, I’m going to give it a go. Have 100 to loose.

Cody cuts through the fluff and gives you what you need to do daily that is easy to follow. I have read many books but this one creates results for all . Quality information that works.

It was short and to the point but it really didn’t give you and earth shattering information. Glad it was only 10.00

It is 20 pages and just bullet points. Cover taken with an iPhone and you can see it on the edge. I’m very disappointed.

Well it is less then 20 pages... actually 10.....

Short & simple, yet very straightforward. Just got the book today. Hopefully it will help me to lose some pounds. 🤞🏻

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not? This can’t be a real book. Barely 20 pages. Read the entire thing in 5 min.

Helpful information but not anything you can’t already find on the internet for free. Took me 3 minutes to read so wouldn’t classify it as a “book”. More like a paragraph

I wouldn’t waste your money. It cost me $10 to read; Work out 4x a week with lifting weights. Cardio - walk or sprints Diet - avoid sugar, count calories. Why did I buy this????

It’s only nine pages. No insight. No depth. Just watch your diet and do cardio. That’s it! I want a refund!!

This book is short, sweet, and to the point. I held off purchasing this for so long but am glad I finally just did it. Reading lengthy books about diet and exercise overwhelm me; therefore, I never follow through. I don’t need the fluff (I have enough of that lol). I need facts and simple explanations. I’m excited to start seeing what kind of meal plans I can come up with.

Cody, thank you for putting this information in one accessible place and compiling the information that is easy to digest. Day 1 for my fam.

The cost and the simplicity = 100%. This book is super blunt and straight to the point. Maybe will take you 10 minutes or less to read through but print it out put it on your fridge and put it to action. These simple steps will literally transform your life. Highly recommend anyone no matter your shape size or gender to purchase this book and use it as the golden rules to fitness and weight!

I am not a newbie when it comes to diet and exercise. I thought since I’ve had success in the past (younger, pre-children) that i wouldn’t learn much from this book but I took a chance because it was only $10. I was WRONG! I learned more in less than 20 pages than I did in years of practice. Cody has found a way to tell you exactly what to do to lose fat. This book is straight to the point. I’ve been following the diet perfectly for 14 days and I’ve already lost 11lbs. I have 9lbs left to go and am looking forward to keeping this up for the rest of my life. Thank you, Cody!

Super quick & straight to the point! Cant wait to get started!

This might be a short book but gives you all the information needed without all the extra fluff. I have been following it and have seen awesome results. Simple advice, easy to follow and maintain, well worth every penny!

Although I fully support Cody and his wife. I have to say I am highly underwhelmed. I feel as though the information provided in this book is nothing people don’t already know. This should be listed as a motivational speaking book instead of a fitness book. I will still continue to support Cody and his wife but not pleased with the book. I read it in less than 5 minutes.

I thought this was going to be a long book, but it is a simple plan. Makes everything so much easier and less overwhelming. Not filled with a bunch of random facts and stories, just straight to the point! Excited to begin :)

Straight and to the point! I don’t want or need a huge and complicated book and for only $10, Cody tells you exactly what you need to do. I was surprised when I asked a question and he was so quick to answer. Im highly satisfied! Now it’s up to me. Thanks Cody!!

The Last Fitness Strategy is an appropriate name. I’ve tried every diet in the book, but sometimes it takes hearing it in plain simple terms that gets it to finally stick. Cody knows exactly how to convey that. Buy this with the intention that it will be the last fitness strategy you’ll ever need, and put in the work. I’ve seen so many success stories and am ready to be the next!

Thank you...FINALLY a no-nonsense and simplified approach to what it REALLY takes to lose the fat and stay fit!!! Thank you Cody for literally “trimming the fat” (lol) with your content and just telling it like it is!!! This is why we love you and your family! 100% REAL!

The book is easy to understand and follow!! I don’t have spare time with two kids and running numerous businesses but with his book it’s easy to implement. You still have to work and put in the effort, just reading the book won’t make you lose weight. Once you put the work in and follow his directions, you will lose weight.

This book is is so helpful and not overwhelming like a lot of other weight loss books I’ve tried. It’s straight forward and to the point. There’s no paying tons of money for something to work only for a little bit either, it helps you for the long run as long as you stick to it! Cody has made it so much easier to lose weight without stressing out like crazy.

Such a simple concept with drastic results. Tracking calories and protein is so easy and how fun is it to walk into a gym and watch some Netflix for an hour while running on the treadmill! Highly recommend!!! So much better than every other method of weight loss I have tried! You can loose weight as quickly as you would like! Also, Cody and his family are amazing!! So a bonus is supporting a family and their dreams!

You mean to tell me I just spent $10 on 20 pages of basic reading material you can find online for free? This took zero time and effort to put together. I feel so cheated. I want my money back.

I think this book has given me some great insight into the struggles I have been having losing weight. Especially breaking down by height the amount of protein and calorie intake I should be having. Not only that but I reached out to Cody with a question and he was super quick to respond and give me the assistance I needed!!Thank you so much Cody!!

As a mom, wife, and nurse, I needed a logical and factual breakdown of what I needed to do to burn stubborn fat. Cody created a guide that shaves away all the extra content and gives you exactly what you need. No confusion and easy to follow!

This book is a quick read and straight to the point!!!! No BS! If you follow the plan you should have no problem losing weight! Thanks Cody!

Thank you Cody! This book is pretty simple and straight to the point in a very good way! There isn’t useless information added to it and I wasn’t confused about anything in the book. I messaged him on IG for a cardio alternative and he got back to me within minutes. I appreciate this so much. Can’t wait to become better and a more healthier version of myself.

Literally just tells you to stay under calorie goal and exercise. Thanks for nothing.

Short, sweet, and to the point!

Thanks for an easy to follow guide! Hoping to be successful this time around.I will keep you posted! Thanks again

This book has been so straight forward and easy to follow! Went from 145 to 120 in just a few months. Got my fiancé on the book and he’s already down 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Cody is the best!

The name of the book is fitting. It really is your last strategy and so simple to follow and understand. The only ingredient you have to add is your own dedication. If you want it, you will get it with this book.

Love this and Cody! Great insight and inspiration! Cody and family are wonderful. Starting my weight loss journey and am excited!

Very short! It’s just straight facts simple and easy to follow!

Cody doesnt feed you bs on secrets to weight loss! Gives you all the information you need to succeed in weight loss!! Love the book!!

Exactly what I would expect from Cody! Simple, direct, and to-the-point facts. Makes it so easy to see what’s needed without digging through the filler in every other diet plan.

As we approach our 50s we were looking for something simple, no gimmicks, truthful, to the point and something that could be easy to follow for anyone. We are so grateful to finally have such a simple guideline from Cody who is so knowledgeable and doesn’t beat around the bush. Thanks for giving the people what they want Cody. Something actually manageable that any one no matter what age can follow and do to get results. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated! My husband and I are loving this!

Cody is honestly just telling you how it is, such a simple program to follow! Recommending it!

Is there a way to preview this book first? You know, like we do at stores? No one buys a book in a store without opening it.... I’ve bought DOZENS of books that say they will help loose weight, diets & workout programs. I never buy books online, if I can’t open it first like at store I won’t buy it. I’ve been sick all year, & cant get to bookstores. But I love watching all the reviews on Instagram. So bummed here 😢

Most basic information you’ll ever read. Don’t waste your money. Feel like I had $10 stolen from me.

This is a option to try to lose weight. He leaves out all the bs and goes straight to the point. Breaking it down in the simplest way. 100% recommend it. Try it yourself and see the results you won’t be let down.

Not impressed. I want my money back.

I love how simple this book is! No having to read a bunch of filler, just clear and concise instructions. Excited to continue on this healthy journey, thank you Cody!

I can’t believe I just spent $10.00 on that. It didn’t even take five minutes to read. This isn’t a book, it’s a pamphlet.

I love that it is broken down easy and quick for us who don't have a lot of time to read. Thank you so much for the tips!!

I really enjoyed reading this book and kickstarting my weight loss! It’s straight forward and tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. Highly recommend buying!