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About Dark Sky

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett must accompany a Silicon Valley CEO on a hunting trip--but soon learns that he himself may be the hunted--in the thrilling new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author C. J. Box.

When the governor of Wyoming gives Joe Pickett the thankless task of taking a tech baron on an elk hunting trip, Joe reluctantly treks into the wilderness with his high-profile charge. But as they venture into the woods, a man-hunter is hot on their heels, driven by a desire for revenge. Finding himself without a weapon, a horse, or a way to communicate, Joe must rely on his wits and his knowledge of the outdoors to protect himself and his companion.

Meanwhile, Joe's closest friend, Nate Romanowski, and his own daughter Sheridan learn of the threat to Joe's life and follow him into the woods. In a stunning final showdown, the three of them come up against the worst that nature--and man--have to offer.

Im a big fan but I didn't find his last book as good as the others. I was afraid he was losing his passion for the Picket novels. But Dark Sky is a wonderful read! The only problem was coming to the end and knowing I would have that long wait again.

C.J. Box is getting better. Truth.

He really can keep your attention. You can’t wait to turn the page.

I have read all of the books in this series and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Another in the Joe Picket series. A fun and exciting read

Well done. Another great Joe Pickett adventure. The book is thoroughly enjoyable!

Fast paced and exciting to the very end!

I love the book. There was nothing about it that I did not like; it moves so fast that you could not put the book down you wanted to keep reading faster and faster!

One of his best

I have read the entire series of Joe Picket books. It takes an Author with diversity and Creativity to hold my interest and a vast historical knowledge of Wyoming and surrounding States. MC

This story came to an abrupt end leaving me looking for chapters that were certainly missing. Definitely not worth the money this time.

It’s hard to imagine C.J. box writing any better than his previous novels, but he has done it!

I have read and loved the entire Joe Pickett series, but this one was mediocre at best. I greatly anticipated this book but was so disappointed. Very predictable, no mystery, no intrigue, just a very lazy rehash of previous plots. Joe gets in trouble, Nate somehow finds him, blows the bad guys heads off, end of story. It felt like Mr. Box hastily wrote a book to fulfill a contract or something. If this had been the FIRST book in the series, I never would have read the rest.

Another wiinner from Mr. Box. I keep wating for him to lose his edge and start “mailing it in” as so many before him (i.e Grisham, Stuart Woods, and even some by Lee Childs). Thankfully it has not happened yet.


There were a number of threads that seemed a bit disconnected at first, but I literally couldn’t put the book down as the threads began to overlap and begin to connect to the theme of the story. Loved/hated the characters in it. Evil vs good scenario. So descriptive of the elements in nature, the location and the real possibility of something like this that could remotely happen. And it being the here and now in time element as well. I’m a grandma and retired cop...FYI EXCELLENT READ!!

Hard to put down. Easy to get into the book and the Wyoming locale! Great story!

The usual story ... Joe get in trouble, Nate comes to the rescue, blah, blah, blah! Voluminous descriptions of mountains, etc. I’ve read every book in the Pickett series and this is the poorest of them all. Box does tease us in the last page setting up the next novel to highlight Nate and his relentless drive for revenge!

I’ve read every Joe Pickett book. It’s really a great series and I pray CJ Box keeps them coming.

I’ve been a loyal reader of C.J. Box and really was looking forward to the release of this book. I guess I expected too much. There wasn’t the usual suspense. Everything was predictable.

Simply. I could not put it down. Have not had that experience for a very long time.

So much effort in laying out the characters and story, with repeat explanations of the characters’ histories. And then I got to the last pages with an abrupt conclusion, unbelievable scenario and weak bait for the next Nate Romanowski installment. Why did you even bother to introduce the raptor poacher? You could’ve saved it for the next installment and still had Nate rescue Joe Pickett.

I usually dislike being left hanging but Nate deserves an entire book to exact his revenge. Hope Joe goes with him.


I’ve read them all, this is one of my favorites.

Not believable. Caricatures not characters. Here a murder. There a murder. Everywhere a murder murder. Good ol boys of Wyoming not believable. Billionaire of Silicon Valley not believable. Plot not believable. Preachy. Millenials. Anti-fa. GOP. Have to say that this is the first time I haven’t enjoyed one of his books.

This was an excellent book, one of his best. The next one will also be great as Nate extracts his revenge. Don’t miss this one.