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About No Way Out

A riveting new read that will thrill you from #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels, perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Rachel Caine, and J.D. Robb.
Ellie Bowman barely remembers the incident that put her into a coma. When she awoke, filled with unease, all she knew for certain was that her boyfriend, Rick, was missing. She knew she needed to get away from her old life and recover in safety. With the proceeds of a video game she helped develop, Ellie starts over in rural Missouri, working from her cottage and trusting no one except her friend and business partner.
Yet even in this quiet small town, it’s impossible to completely isolate herself. Especially when a curious eight-year-old boy, smitten with Ellie’s pup, stops by every day to talk to him over the fence. Little by little, Ellie is being drawn back into the world through the neighbors and community around her, realizing that everyone has their own fears and obstacles to contend with.  
But when Ellie hears that Rick has resurfaced, her nightmares return, and with them, small snippets of memory. No one has heard from Rick since before the incident, so why is he back now? Ellie wants to move forward with her life, but first she must find the courage to look into her past, no matter what she finds there . . .


Five stars!

This book had a good storyline, but it seems that the writer good bored with it because the ending seemed rushed. There could have been more detail about the efforts by the person hired to find Ellie. There could have been a little more drama about Rick’s arrival at her home. It was all a bit too tidy.

Story starts off great. Keeps you wondering why Ellie has become a hermit. Living in New York there was a incident, that cause Ellie to wake up in the hospital with severe head trauma and blacked out what happened. She is afraid but doesn’t known why and goes into hiding. After 2 years of being a recluse and never leaving the house, a young boy befriends her dogs and in turn her. She finally is taking baby steps to re-enter the real world. There is mystery, what happened? Learning to be a survivor and some interesting characters. Just the ending to me was anti-climatic.  I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.

This book is so awful boring the only reason I finished it was because I paid too much money for it.