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About Fate's Surrender

Destiny has a way of finding us all...

After the devastating attack at the hospital, the guardians make their way back to the compound, only to find the mysterious necromancer Lily called the Dark One has no plans of letting them rest. They have no choice but to move on, fate pulling them toward New York.

Meanwhile, in the city, Lily also searches for Zoe and the fifth, desperate to prove her loyalty and regain the Dark One’s trust.

Who will find them first?

And who will never make it out alive?

Fate’s Surrender is Book 3 of the Eternal Sorrows series. a young adult zombie apocalypse series with witches and magic that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

The Eternal Sorrows Series:
Death's Awakening 
Sorrow's Gift
Fate's Surrender

Praise for Death’s Awakening:

“Imagine Stephen King's The Stand hooks up with a dark fairytale and begets The Walking Dead.”    ~Goodreads Review

A Brilliant, different take on a zombie apocalypse.” ~Goodreads Review

“This book is action packed, hair raising, spine tingling, and completely awesome. I loved every single minute of it and couldn't put it down!!!” ~Nerd Girl Reviews


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