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About Patriot Games

From Tom Clancy, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Ryan novels--including his latest blockbusters Command Authority and Threat Vector--comes a gripping story of the Ryan family under fire. In an explosive wave of violence, an ultra-left-wing faction of the IRA is hunting one man for his act of salvation in an attempted assassination. And now Jack Ryan must pay…with his life.

The show on amazon is better.

A terrific book, a wonderful read.

I would have given this book a rating of five stars if Tom Clancey had let me know what happened to the character of O'Donnell.

Excellent book. I finished it within a weekend. The book started outs fast paced and never slows down.

The book is great but the iBooks version (at least the one I have) has tons of spelling errors in it. First time I've experienced this. Doesn't change the context of this great book but very annoying.

Just as exciting & moving the second reading,the steadfast depiction of love of family & country is one reason I read Tom Clancy's books! And the ability to write technical jargon in understandable terms is certainly a gift to those of us who find it a challenge to use a simple computer. Thank you,Mr.Clancy!

I have read this book several times since it was released. If you enjoy the main character as much as the story line, then this should be a good read for you. Due to some of the characters and the obvious passage of time, you may need to place yourself back when some of the central people were current. This fact didn't change the overall impact and enjoyment of the style and pace of this book. Most all the rest of the material is still current and engaging.

A very exciting account of current events that begins in England and Jack's rescue of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Then how terrorists try to seek revenge but fail.

Tom Clancy is the best

Great book! Anyone who likes a great action book will absolutely love this book! Also a great movie.


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