On Friday August 8th, the NYC trance world was even larger than ever, with visitors from all over the globe preparing for FSOE 350. Future Sound of Egypt- hosted by trance powerhouses Aly & Fila, was set to arrive in our beautiful city on Saturday August 9th. As the only FSOE 350 event scheduled to hit North American soil, the buzz was off the charts. It was on this Friday that Esscala graced us with a second gift- the Official FSOE 350 NYC pre-party, to take place at Cielo.

Any decent trance party to hit Cielo is guaranteed to be a success, and this line up was no exception. The roster included NYC local RoryJames, no stranger to a big crowd and with a very hefty international fan base of his own. Also on the line up were international artists Sied van Riel, Lange and Neptune Project. Just one of these artists could decently fill a venue, but together it was unmistakably one of the best line ups we’ve seen in our city in a while now.

Mr James came on to open up the night and immediately had the crowd in a groove. RoryJames has this impeccable way of making you dance when you didnt even realize you were moving. By 11pm the crowd was filling in pretty nicely and even all the other artists were on site enjoying the show. Keeping the opening duties nice and mellow, James set the stage for Neptune Project perfectly. Im really looking forward to seeing Rory next at SRB in Brooklyn on Saturday August 23rd! Until then Ill just listen to his radio show which airs every last Friday of the month at 1PM ET on Di.FM/progressive

Neptune Project was ready, easing into a nice progressive trance ending that allowed him to come on and take over seamlessly. Pretty sure we heard the amazing vocal track of their own production Lost All My Tears as well as another beloved Neptune Project vocal: ft Polly Strange – The Inside.  As expected we heard plenty of their own tunes, including Neptune Project ft. Pink Floyd- Shine On The Dark Side of The Moon (Neptune Project Out There With Pluto Mix), which I personally missed, again- for some reason I miss this tune any time anyone plays it. However, I did not miss all the happy people in the crowd, as many had been begging for this tune from the moment it was announced that Neptune Project would be on the roster for this night. 

What seemed like a very short amount of time later, due to the amount of fun we were all having, we watched as Sied van Riel prepped to take the stage. Being one of my favorites, I was anticipating greatness. This guy never lets us down, he comes on hot and heavy and really never gives us a break throughout his entire set. The only chances we had for breather were during the breaks in some of the vocal tracks such as his own tune Gravity ft Alicia Madison.  This paired with his track with Adina Butar- 8 Decades was enough to keep me happy but Im pretty sure I heard Markus Schulz- Remember This, as well. Full of power and just enough speed to keep the necessary energy on a Saturday morning at 1am, SVR hit the nail on the head once again. Just as I had with Neptune Project’s ending, I found myself wondering why Lange was looking so ready to spin. The set was almost up and I felt as though only moments had past. By the time 2am hit the venue was at what may very well have been full capacity and everyone was dancing. It actually had me worried for FSOE- because topping what we had already be listening to was going to be a tough task.

As Lange came on and Sied gave us all that big smile and thank you, the crowd clearly needed a break. As with most transitions in artist at this hour, people take a cue to break and drink and have that smoke that they promised they had quit a week prior. However, Lange had different plans for everyone. Going right into his set with his own productions and plenty of speed. The most memorable moment of the night was when he decided to throw at us Lange ft Sarah Howells- Out Of  The Sky. Im not certain which remix it was, I was too focused on the moment and the music and signing along as loudly as I possibly could. Every single person at Cielo, at this very moment, was doing the same. Serenading the DJ, jumping, smiling and even some tears were shed as I looked around the room. My heart wells with excitement again as I remember all of this. These are the exact moments we all live for, the times that we hope we will have when we plan our next trance venture. Its these moments that we have with ourselves, with our friends, with strangers on the dance floor that define our love and passion for this music and this atmosphere. It was in this one single song that I was reminded why I adore everything about this music and what it can do for a person. All in the drop of one familiar beat.

The night as a whole was more than a success, and quite a victory for any trance fan. Getting to see Neptune Project for the first time, for many, as well as a dose of some of our local talent with Mr James, paired with the powerhouse that is Sied van Riel was more than enough in itself, but then to end with the talented Mr Lange really blew this entire evening out of the water.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, the staff, the artists and Esscala and that huge crowd that never once seemed displeased.

Originally written for ENL by Samantha Scroxton

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