Global Connection with Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel, Bryan Kearney, Marco V & Kaeno at Dream Miami

Everyone has a favorite venue in South Beach. All it takes is one Miami Music Week or one visit for Winter Music Conference however you so choose to call it. Once you have identified this venue, Miami is never quite the same. For many trance lovers, this venue is Dream in South Beach. Home to some of the best trance family events. More seasoned Miami visitors also have a favorite annual event, and for many in the trance crew this event is Global Connection. Not many things in life are guaranteed. Death and taxes are on top on the list, however one other thing is right up there: the fact that any trance event at Dream equates to a fabulous time full of great music and mingling with some of the world’s best trance artists. It’s a music fans dream come true and in watching the artists let loose, it seems that maybe it is theirs as well.

This year’s Global Connection was no exception to any of the above, in fact, I am tempted to say that this year’s GC event may have even pushed the scales. Full of artists and fans, the music was some of the best played all week. Not one face in that venue was anything besides ecstatic and not one body sat still. The night opened with Kaeno on the decks, progressively waking us all up and getting our bodies moving. As artists like Sneijder and David Forbes walked around with huge grins saying many hellos. Kaeno began to speed up his set with some fabulous classic tracks and the crowd became even thicker and the bodies were no longer tired from prior MMW events. By the time his set was half over, Kaeno officially had the crowd full on the dance floor and at this point in the event one could already consider the night a success.

Next up was Sied van Riel, with his bouncing smile and hyper attitude he quickly took over the decks and kept everyone happy. Soon he sped it up and had us all at the perfect speed to keep excitement and movement going throughout the entire crowd. By this point the crowd was an 80/20 mix of artists and fans, keeping everyone on their toes and making it blatantly evident who here was a freshman. The grins and silent squeals of excitement coming from fans who, for their first time, were experiencing an event where they got to dance to some of their favorite artists while saying a quick hello to other favorites. I enjoy nothing more than seeing that first realization from members of the crowd. It’s not too far off from the days I recall my own elation of realizing that the person standing next to me was Paul van Dyk, or that the woman I just shared a drink with was JES. Appropriately, however, no artist was able to overpower the full on enjoyment of the music being played. When SVR played “Aly & Fila – Without You” we all stopped to sing along with Susana. Next was a little taste of some harder sounds that met with much approval from not only the fans but from artists like Giuseppe who was found front and center dancing with the rest of us.

Following Sied was a somewhat unexpected addition to the Global Connection roster, Marco V. The crowd was a buzz in curiosity at what to expect. No one was upset when Marco dropped “Clarity”, and again, the crowd had a sing along. With Marco’s speedier and deeper techtrance, the crowd had a few moments to work off those drinks and clearly no one felt out of place here, especially not Marco V. When he decided to throw us the unofficial 2014 anthem, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, everyone was full on dance mode and not one person seemed confused as to why Marco was on the line up. Back with some more techy sounds and then it was time for some GO.

Now the dance floor was officially packed, the venue as a whole was full and the crowd just kept pouring in. It was time for Giuseppe Ottaviani to take the stage and no one was focused on anything but that fact. Playing “Satellite” did nothing to calm the people down, and the sing along happened again. This time bigger, louder and with even more emotion. Clearly Giuseppe liked this, because not shortly after that he played another cult favorite “I Don’t Deserve You”. Once again, everyone was singing to each other with emotion that most telenovela’s strive to recreate. At one point in the set, I looked over to see Sied van Riel dancing and shouting even more energetic that any other fan. My smile grew tenfold. I wish I could ID the track, but I was busy enjoying experiencing one fabulous artist appreciate another so openly. By this time I was too deep into the set to ID or describe any more, and I officially took off my own “reviewer” cap and let the music pull me under 100%. Giuseppe’s set was full of classics and speed creating a perfect veil to mesh together the prior and following sets completely. I’ve never been disappointed by GO and tonight was no exception. The shitty grins I had been watching all around me had now fully spread to my own face.

Finally Bryan Kearney came on, and though the crowd began to thin a bit, no one in the core group of fans seemed to notice. In fact, appropriately enough, it gave us more room to jump around. Which, as any Kearney fan knows, this is a necessity. Through the chants of “Bryan, Bryan, Bryan fucking Kearney” you could simply feel the excitement and love radiating in the room. We had been given our progressive intro, classic trance, techtrance, summery and lovely vocals, sing a long sessions and even a bit of speed to keep us on our toes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who questions Dream as my favorite nightclub, or Global Connection as my top two parties during WMC has simply never been. I cannot see how any trance lover could leave a Global Connection event in Miami without pure satisfaction and bliss. This year’s event was even greater than last, which I never thought possible. Dare I Dream about what is to come next year? Whatever is in store, I can guaranteed a laid back, explicitly fun evening full of fans, friends and dancing; from there I can only imagine….

Review by Samantha Scroxton

Photography by Joel Marcano for

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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