It’s been a few months since Soundgarden hosted a solid trance party. More often then not, they have been directing trance guys for solo performances at Rumor … Marcus Schossow, Super8 and Tab, Kyau and Albert, Jerome Isma-Ae, well you get the idea.
Thankfully, we got a nice dose of trance at SGH this past Saturday with Orjan Nilsen, Jochen Miller, and Stoneface and Terminal on Saturday night. I was especially excited to see Orjan, as I’ve never caught a live set from him. Although I’ve heard mixed reactions to his live sets, I have tons of respect for guys who stay true to trance over the years and continuously produce great tracks.
Upon arriving at SGH at 10pm, Stoneface and Terminal were already on the decks. Had I checked Soundgarde’s app I would’ve known they were scheduled to go on at 930pm. At first I was a little bummed cause there were maybe 100 people there at that time and especially at a 2k+ venue like Soundgarden 100 people feels like 10.
But, in retrospect, if a place has to shut down at 2am, and it’s a Saturday evening with nothing better to do and 3 headliners, why not start early? Hell I’ll come out at noon on a Saturday and see 10+ headliners for that matter.
In any case, only 1/2 of Stoneface and Terminal came out (Henry – the taller of the two). Afterwards I asked where his other half was, and I’m pretty sure he said “working on the album” which is definitely a fair alternative as I’d love to see an artist album from those guys!
Anyway, as a rule, I always love a set from Euphonic artists. When I spoke with Kyau and Albert a few months ago, we talked a bit about how Euphonic doesn’t try to be the biggest trance label out there, but their style of uplifting, melodic trance productions, with plenty of vocals makes them one of my favorite labels.
A few tracks I caught from there set were “Go the Distance” – Stoneface and Terminal ft. Cathy Burton. “We Own the Night” S&T + Kyau and Albert, “Let You Fall” – S&T ft. Amurai, and the brand new “One Heart” S&T + Ana Criado.
Jochen came on about 11pm, with an spoken intro that reminded me of the first time I saw Dash Berlin in NYC. I want to say he did this because he wanted to open with his new track and it might not have mixed in properly with the end of the previous set. But I dunno for sure…
Jochen opened with his brand new collaboration with Dogs with Jeans called “We Have Tonight.” Even though it’s a vocal track, my favorite part of this is the synthy, pitch bended bass when this track breaks down. Rad.
Trance purists will almost certainly disagree, but I enjoyed Jochen’s set overall. He dropped mixes of “The Kraken,” (Chris Schwetzer), Icona Pop’s “I Don’t Care” (I believe this was mashed with another track), “Wild and Perfect Day” – Jochen + Rank 1, “Adrenaline” – Lush and Simon, “Ignite” – Dannic, a little bit of “Feed the Dada” – Dada Life, “Rewind” by Emma Hewitt (Mikkas remix), “Apache” – Fisherman and Hawkins, “Thunder” W&W, and “Live for the Night” by Krewella. He closed with a remix of “If I Lose Myself” by Alesso and One Republic.
Orjan was on about 1230am. I was up interviewing Jochen for the first 1/4 or so of his set, but what I saw of the energy and enthusiasm from that guy is just awesome. I dunno who would doubt his ability as a DJ. Maybe a festival set from him is a bit different, but he was definitely on. Again though, guys like Orjan will always impress me because he just drops a lot of his original tracks which you don’t hear too much.
Orjan’s set included a good number of his own tracks including”Filthy Fandango,” “Amsterdam,” “Between the Rays,” “Violetta,” “Belter” (with Armin) and he closed with a straight up goosebumps moment with the uberclassic “La Guitarra.”
Over the course of the night the crowd definitely built up, but certainly wasn’t a packed house by any stretch of the imagination. Those who came out though were true trance lovers. This might’ve been my first party at SGH since they implemented the policy of not allowing attire suggesting drug use which was definitely the right call… No need for neon shirts proclaiming who is looking for their dear friend Molly .
It was tough to tell whether the smallish size of the crowd was due to the huge number of events from Thurs-Sat night in Philly along with even more parties in NYC… or if it was a true estimate of the fans.
It will be interesting to see the crowd at the SGH NYE party. They lined up the guys who I’d say have had the best sets at Rumor over the past few months… Jerome Isma-Ae, Super8 and Tab, Kyau and Albert, and Tritonal. Tritonal might seem like an odd fit these days against this very trance heavy lineup but their draw is probably needed for a big night like New Years, and perhaps they will opt for a more trance heavy set among these guys.
Till next time.

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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