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Extrema Night NYC with Manuel Le Saux, Darren Porter & Thomas Datt

Another great night of fun and music at Chrystie 141 this past Friday for Extrema Night with Manuel Le Saux, Darren Porter, and Thomas Datt.

Entry was swift and easy. All of the staff handled themselves with the utmost professionalism. As soon as the doors opened the coat check area was ready to assist you with your garments and upon entering the second set of doors Kiari and Rachel greeting patrons with smiling faces to check you in either through a guestlist or tickets. Upon receipt of your wristband Rachel opened the velvet ropes to the trance kingdom inside.

The upgrades made to the venue with the assistance of 5AM Event & Artist Management were definitely noticeable upon entry. The sound was fuller throughout the venue and there were slight changes to the décor and layout. The seating on the left side of the dancefloor had been moved for additional space. The both seemed to be extended by several tables for additional surface space and turned into a makeshift lighting operations station. Extra lighting was brought in to create a nicer ambiance and visuals and logos were displayed behind the booth on an LED screen. The smoke machine was blowing a thick mist to cover the dancefloor as multicolored lasers engulfed the venue with a fascinating display of beams that reflected strategically off of the mirrors affixed to the wall.

Aside from that I noticed there was an additional bartender behind the counter and the bar on the dance floor was also open this time. It wasn’t in service the last time I was there.

Monoverse aka Santos Torres was on first for a warm upset if that’s what you want to call it. If you ask me there was nothing warm about this set. It was straight fire already and it wasn’t even 11pm yet. That immediately let me know that none of the DJ’s would be holding back in the slightest. After all this was “Extrema” night and the theme certainly held true.

Monoverse Extrema Night NYC Tracklist:

01. Joshua Ollerton – Solstice
02. ID – ID
03. Fehrplay – I Can’t Stop It
04. Aerofeel5 – Position
05. Jason Ross – Burma
06. ID – ID
07. Jadin Recks – Thanatophobia
08. Lostep – Burma (Hazem Beltagui Private Mix)
09. ID – ID
10. Solis & Sean Truby – Raccoon
11. ID – ID
12. Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock (Arty Rock-N-Rolla Mix)

Manuel had already arrived to the venue early after the artists meet and greet at Slate and he was making his rounds throughout the venue saying hello to his fans. I caught him for a few moments and told him that he had his world’s youngest fan in attendance. At first he seemed a bit confused as to what I was talking about but then he asked “oh really? Where?” I pointed to my belly and laughed and we exchanged a congratulatory hug and he thanked me for coming. He asked if I picked a name yet and suggested that Manuel was definitely a good name for a boy. Anyone who doesn’t think Manuel is the sweetest and funniest guy definitely has never met him. If attending an event at 8 months pregnant does not show dedication then I don’t know what does, but I knew after Manuel’s sensational last performance in New York there was no way I was going to miss his return.

After Monoverse’s opening set Thomas Datt came on the decks and showed no mercy either. Although the venue was not exactly packed yet the people that were there were having the time of their lives. No one on the floor stood still. Even the baby was doing a little dance inside my belly. Thomas had joked earlier on that he wasn’t sure what to play. Clearly that was a lie because he knew exactly what to play, but that’s to be expected. Thomas’ sets are always full of raw energy with a side of datass antics. Through the course of his set the venue began filling up until slowly but surely there was hardly any space on the dance floor. Towards the end of his set he played Goldfrapp’s track “Rocket” Tiesto remix although it almost sounded like a completely different mix with the bpm’s sped up.

Thomas Datt Extrema Night NYC Tracklist:

01. Andre Sobota & Jamie K – Polarity
02. Vadim Soloviev  PROFF – Its A Funky Record
03. EDU – For The Heart
04. Speed Limits & T4L – Solar Guitar
05. Matt Holliday – Breakthrough (Thomas Datt Remix)
06. CM – Dream Universe (Activa Remix)
07. Lange & Betsie Larkin – Insatiable (Sean Tyas Remix)
08. Stoneface & Terminal – Venus
09. Tilt vs Paul Van Dyk – Rendezvous (Thomas Datt Remix)
10. Obsidian Radio ft Jan Johnston – Love Like This (Thomas Datt Remix)
11. Thomas Datt & Magnus – Binary Complex
12. Thomas Datt – Evaporate (Part 2)
13. Symphonic Vs Nok – 7am (Astrix Remix)
14. Sonic Species – Strictly Virtual (Symbolic Remix)
15. Peetu S – Lost In A Better World
16. Kuffdam & Plant – Summer Dream (Thomas Datt Remix)
17. Goldfrapp – Rocket (Tiesto Mix)

The crowd was filled with mostly good dancers with a little shuffle here and there, girls just shaking their bootys like it was going out of style, even a little liquid flow, while there were a few comedic spastic yet energetic clubbers in attendance as well. Everyone feels it differently and does their own thing and there was a wide array of that on display. The crowd that attends these events is quite closely knit so that enhanced the vibe and raised the comfort factor by a thousand fold. It’s as if you are sharing the room with friends you know and future friends you just haven’t met yet. For the most part everyone can spot a familiar face. That is one of the things I most appreciate when it comes to intimate crowds. Large venues can really make the experience much more impersonal.

Manny took over the decks like a boss! I took notice that he was behind the decks as I heard the track Max Graham – The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix). Manuel’s set was driving and powerful. The crowd’s enthusiasm for the tracks he was playing surely enhanced his abilities to read the crowd and continue to bring it harder and harder. So hard in fact that the limiter kicked in and the overall levels needed to be adjusted in order to supply sufficient power and equalize the sound throughout the venue without causing any of the speakers to blow. Fortunately this issue was resolved fairly quickly.

Manuel Le Saux Extrema Night NYC

~ Tracklist courtesy of s3baman

01. Max Graham – The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix) [RE*BRAND (ARMADA)]

02. Airborn – AirBURN (ReOrder 138 Edit) [SILENT SHORE]

03. Jorn Van Deynhoven – The New Horizons (ASOT 650 Anthem) [ASOT (ARMADA)]

04. ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. Skypatrol – Folding Your Universe [FSOE (ARMADA)]

05. ID – ID 

06. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight feat. Katty Heath – Stole The Sun (Allen & Envy Remix) [A&R]

07. ID – ID 

08. John Askew – Shine [WHO’S AFRAID OF 138 (ARMADA)]

09. Manuel Le Saux – Precious (Darren Porter Remix) [DISCOVER]

10. Vast Vision – Ardente (Ian Standerwick Remix) [FSOE (ARMADA)]

11. Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce – U (Bryan Kearney Remix) [GARUDA]

12. Aly & Fila – Tula [FSOE (ARMADA)]

13. ID – ID 

14. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Sneijder Remix) [FREE/POSITIVA]

15. Indecent Noise vs. Tiesto & Scot Project – Phobia Industry (Dave Correa Mashup) 

16. Phunpark vs. Jurgen Vries – Midnight Theme (Mr. Carefull Mashup) [DIRECTION]

17. Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux – Stormchaser [EXTREMA GLOBAL]

18. Photographer – Airport [MONSTER DIGITAL]

19. John O’Callaghan – Stresstest (John Askew Remix) [SUBCULTURE (BLACK HOLE)]

Darren Porter joined Manuel behind the decks for a little back to back set before Darren took over the controls for his solo set. Darren delivered an intense selection of trance with tracks like Lange – Follow Me (Darren Porter 2012 Rework). The night was supposed to close with Mir Omar behind the decks however it came to an end at 4am so as a result Darren delivered the closing set.

Darren Porter Extrema Night NYC

~ Tracklist courtesy of s3baman

01. Avail – Dominion (Truenorth Remix) [GENT TRANCE]

02. Ian Standerwick – ID 

03. ID – ID 

04. Gareth Weston – Hell Raiser (Darren Porter Remix) [VIBRATE SOUNDS (FRACTION)]

05. Nivaya – My Empirical Epitaph (Photographer Remix) [REDUX]

06. Darren Porter & Simon Dixon – Sledgehammer [FRACTION]

07. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle – Neptune’s Siren (Sean Tyas Remix) [TYTANIUM]

08. Sean Tyas – Now You See [TYTANIUM]

09. Darren Porter – Terraforming [MONSTER DIGITAL]

10. Darren Porter – Spellbound [MONSTER DIGITAL]

11. Darren Porter & Gareth Weston – The Tesla Effect [ARIA KNIGHTS]

12. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter – Nova 7 [TYTANIUM]

13. Sean Tyas – By The Way [TYTANIUM]

14. Lange – Follow Me (Darren Porter 2012 Rework) 

15. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Darren Porter Rework) [HOOJ CHOONS]

16. Pacheco – Staring At The Sea (ID Remix) [FLASHOVER]

17. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle – Neptune’s Return [TYTANIUM]

Mir was nice enough to provide the mix was scheduled to play at the event since he did not have the chance to perform it live. It’s such a shame too because judging by this tracklist, it would have been epic! You can get Mir’s set on soundcloud:

Mir Omar Tracklist:

01. John Dopping & Ally Brown – For The Art

02. ID – ID (ID Remix)

03. Pulser – In My World (Activa Remix)

04. Above & Beyond – Can’t Sleep (Maori Remix)

05. Greg Downey – Grudge Match (Jordan Suckley Remix)

06. Sonic Element – Crossroads

07. Will Atkinson – Side by Side (John Dopping Infliction)

08. Three Drives – Carrera 2 (NU NRG Remix)

09. Gouryella – Gouryella

10. Relocate, Menno De Jong – Spirit (Paul Miller 2008 rework)

Fortunately since the event was being broadcasted live on the sets from the night will be available to those who were unable to attend. You should expect the sets to be available for download shortly, so you can see exactly what you were missing!

Review by Zaneta Ortiz

Manuel Le Saux

Darren Porter

Thomas Datt

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