Who passes up the opportunity to review some Infected Mushroom?  Surely by now if you’ve been listening to electronic music for more than a week you’ve enjoyed at least one of their many songs.  So, whenever something new comes around with their name on it, you can be pretty sure it’s gonna be good.

Infected’s new EP starts off with a collaboration with Savant called Rise Up.  It’s one of their slower productions from the start, but the pace seems to pick up heavily as the song progresses.  The typical Infected style of adding plethoras of new instruments every few seconds is in full gear here, switching from trancey arps to warm video-gamey tones to distorted electric guitars in just moments, and then surprisingly enough a rather infectious vocal to finish the track.

The second track, Kipod, is definitely more of a psytrance song.  While it follows the same type of bounce-around style as the first one, the pace remains fast and hypnotic throughout.  I enjoyed Rise Up, but this tune definitely resonates with me more.  The instruments in this track and on the EP in general are as crisp as they’ve ever been.  If you’ve seen a video of the lair that Infected Mushroom makes their music in, you’d know why.  It’s quite clear that they take great care with their gear, and the sound they achieve really shows it.  The many years of experience have just rendered their production quality to a cutting-edge state.  I honestly think these tracks sound significantly better and more dynamic in production quality than even tunes coming from the most major “EDM” labels (whatever that means).  Anyways, I digress, Kipod is a great track.  Enjoy it.

The third track, Bark, is uh… dubsteppy.  I don’t really like dubstep unless it’s deep and liquidy, and this is exactly the opposite.  So I’m a bit biased here, but I will at least say that the track is creative and, again, incredibly well produced.  It might not be my cup of tea, but fans of this style will certainly appreciate it.

Track 4, Who Is There, is a wonderful ending to the EP.  It starts off with these warm, incredibly strong sounding arps that really bounce through the air and builds into an almost hardstyle-ish, beat with creative call and response between all sorts of basses and high end instruments.  The 80’s arps come back in further into the track and bring a warm trancey vibe to the buildup, and the hardstyle beat jumps back in.  Definitely a fun track to listen to.  The song tapers off with more warm arps; I actually think I’d really like to hear a remix of this song using only the warmer instruments and none of the hardstyle beat, but this track does well enough on its own.

Overall, the EP is great.  You probably won’t hear these tunes in a club any time soon unless you’re seeing the men themselves (which, if you have the opportunity, you absolutely must do), but it’s great listening music.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I hope you will too.

Originally written for ENL by Daniel Nusdeo

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