REVIEW: John 00 Fleming- JOOF Editions mix compilation

Artist: John 00 Fleming

Genre: Psy-Trance

Label: JOOF Recordings

Release Date: March 24th, 2014

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.0

No, John 00 Fleming does not pay me to write these reviews. It might seem like it, though, as time and time again I am handed a copy of the newest J00F Recordings release and end up with nothing but stellar things to say after giving it a listen. The mold surely hasn’t broken with this one, as the J00F Editions Mix Compilation is one of the best releases on the label to date.

The promo copy I was given only contains half of the four hour long mix, but in that two hours John showcased some of the greatest tracks his label has put out to date, and plenty of non-J00F tracks to boot. Dark, throbbing beats and gorgeous melodies fill the air as the mix rolls through, and trust me when I say time will fly by like never before as you are sucked into the musical journey this album provides.

The beauty of the J00F Editions album is the same sort of beauty that fans find at his J00F Editions club nights; it is chock full of diverse music, from breaks to progressive house to techno to psy-trance, and everything in-between. The thing that makes it such a magical journey, however, is the flavor of every track. While the genres may differ, they each come molded with the same dark, lush gorgeous flavor that John has been known for all these years. The album is like a giant bag of gourmet bridge mix; all sorts of tasty treats that are different at their core, but each one coated in the same delicious dark flavor you’ve always loved. Nowhere else will you find a pool of music so diverse that has a theme as pronounced and unmistakable as this album.

As I listen to the album for the third time while typing this review, I find myself short on words. The experience truly can’t be quantified in any language but its own. My suggestion is to pick up this album immediately, turn your lights off and lose yourself in the music. Four hours later you will understand what I mean when I say this album is like no other. Just have a glance at the tracklist; brilliant artists such as Airwave, Alex Di Stefano, Solarstone, Kalden Bess, Simon Templar, Gai Barone, Dark Soul Project, Moshic and John himself spatter the 42 song list. You simply cannot go wrong with this many amazing artists in one album.

To close, I’m not sure why you’re still reading this. You should be on your preferred media outlet’s store page adding this album to your cart. It’s out now, ready to be heard by your ears. And it’s worth every single penny you’ll pay, and then some. I’m literally smashing dollar bills into my CD drive as we speak yelling “TAKE MY MONEY” at my computer monitor. Ok, not really, but I feel the urge to. Because the music is just that good.

JOOF Editions Tracklist

1. Airwave – ‘While Elly Sleeps’
2. Marcus Decay – ‘Shadows & Mirrors’ (Original Mix)
3. Moshic – ‘Eyiakuz’
4. Kay D – ‘My Dreams’ (Dark Soul Project Remix)
5. Neftali Blasko – ‘Time Traveller’ (Dark Soul Project in Love Interpretation)
6. Ethereal Mist – ‘Thanks God’ (George Yammine Remix)
7. Kalden Bess – ‘Stoned’
8. Matt Lange – ‘Bad Year Blimp’
9. John 00 Fleming – ‘5000 Light Years From Earth’
10. Matt Minimal – ‘Krank 13’ (Skober Remix)
11. Alex Di Stefano – ‘Phoneutria’
12. John 00 Fleming – ‘WKO’
13. Sin Sin – ‘Tunnel’ (Kalden Bess Remix)
14. Hybrid – Break My Soul [Hybrid’s Kill City Sounds Mix 01]
15. Anton Chernikov & Digital Blonde – ‘Omega’
16. Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E – ‘Aurora’ (Airwave Remix)
17. Moshic – ‘False emotion’ (Airwave’s New School Breaks Remix)
18. Airwave – ‘Chiricahua’
19. John 00 Fleming – ‘Clouds of Karma’
20. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – ‘The Box’ (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
21. Shaun Mauren – My Dream (Eric Sneo Remix)
22. Stimpack -Dreams Of Victory (Original Mix)
23. Alex Di Stefano – ‘Back Again’
24. Airwave ‘The Wrath of Tambora’ (Simon Templar Remix)
25. The Digital Blonde – ‘Noc2one’ (Midnight Mix)
26. Trilucid & Philthy Chit – Syntax (Gai Barone Remix)
27. Airwave – ‘Moment of Truth’
28. Human Blue – ‘Accessoire’
29. Lyctum – ‘Fearless Mind’
30. Zentura- ‘Light Mutations’ (Born Sleepy Remix)
31. Hypnocoustics & Chameleon – ‘Boomslang’
32. Micky Noise- ‘Firegate’
33. E-Clip – ‘Crow’
34. Amygdala – ‘MetaMusic’ (Reified Mix)
35. Dan Ascherl – ‘Maza Chante 6.0’
36. Ovnimoon and Via Axis and Itom Lab – ‘Galactic Mantra’
37. Micky Noise & Hopeku – ‘Black Light’
38. John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde – ‘Dharker’
39. 1200 Micrograms – ‘The Apocalypse’
40. Deedrah – ‘Half of Me’ (Micky Noise Remix)
41. Solarstone – ‘Love Theme from Blade Runner’ (Pure Mix)
42. John 00 Fleming – ‘Time Lapse NGC-2264’

Review by Daniel Nusdeo

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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