As though FSOE 350 coming to NYC wasn’t enough, the trance fans of New York have been given another reason to rejoice! on Friday, August 8th, Esscala is hosting the Official FSOE 350 NYC pre-party at the legendary Cielo Nightclub in Meatpacking.

Most any electronic music fan will tell you that Cielo is in their top five list if best NYC venues. When asked why, It generally is because of their one of a kind sound system, though their beautiful outdoor/attached smoking area that allows the fans to take a breather without ever losing their connection to the club and their friends tops the list as well. Cielo is an internationally known NYC symbol for music excellence.

For the FSOE pre-party, Esscala has decided to bring on board four artists that are all no stranger to our great city. On the line up are Lange, Sied van Riel, Neptune Project and none other than NYCs very own Rory James! Any one of these artists are enough to be excited, but put them all in one booth and you can imagine the excitement.

Sied van Riel was just here in May, and having been there myself I can tell you anyone in attendance will advise you to come out on August 8th for the FSOE Pre-Party to see this man in action. SVR is known for bringing in driving bass lines and beautiful melodies in a way that will have you unable to leave the dance floor.

In honor of this massive announcement, we reach out to to the trance maestro himself, Sied van Riel, to discuss how his year is going so far, his excitement for FSOE 350, and we even touch a bit on the loves of his life.

Sied van Riel 2

This is what he had to say:

ENL: The first time I saw you live, was as in Cali at Beyond Wonderland. My friends and I were immediately fans! From there I feel like you’ve grown so much, this year you’ve already come from Tomorrowland, Subculture BA and numerous Ibiza events; how does this compare to where you were in 2012?

SVR:  2012 and 2013 where years in which I took a step back. I basically stepped out of the circle that I found myself in. What this means is that ever since I started to tour and travel on a weekly basis in 2009, I didn’t really think about goals and stuff. The scene and industry changed and I questioned myself on how I was going to evolve along  with it. These days I feel much more confident and determined again. I basically decided to continue to do what I love to do and that is play and produce trance. Weather it’s 130, 138 or whatever. I love it all and I’ve always done that. If the music is good and brings me positivity, I’m game! I’m just more aware now of the things that I experience and do and I’m lucky to have a great team around me. I remember ASOT at Beyond Wonderland like it was yesterday. What a day huh? This was my fourth time playing at Tomorrowland and I was fortunate enough to do both weekends this year. It amazes me how it gets cooler and more awesome each year! It’s an  experience not just a festival.  Buenos Aires with John, Mark, The Noble Six and Neil was just sick. It’s in my top 3 cities. Unbelievable crowd. Think we had 10.000+ people going nuts from doors open till close and we were like.. wow!


ENLWith your newest track, Gravity ft Alicia Madison, you have mentioned that it is your first ever music video. What was that like? 

SVR: We’ve done tour videos before, but this was / is my first official music video. It was an awesome experience. I knew the director already from when I toured with Tiesto in 2008. He did the live visuals back then and we share the same birthday so we already had a connection there. It was extremely interesting to see how these things work and how he “guided” us to get us to do what he needed for the video. Acting isn’t my best feature… but amazing to have experienced it. Alicia did an amazing job. She had to stand in the freezing cold at 1:30am next to a lake in Toronto to get certain shots done on the first day. Tough cookie and amazing vocalist. You’ll be hearing a lot more from her for sure.


ENLYou’re on the roster for FSOE NYC (pre-party), Colombia AND El  Salvador. Is there any particular city there that you look forward to most? Have you had the opportunity to play at all these locations, or are any of them your first time?

SVR:  No doubt that every FSOE 350 will be one hell of a party for sure. The line ups are amazing. I’ve played in Medellin in Colombia twice before and NYC about 5 times now, but during events like this everything is totally different. You’re there with friends who are also playing then there’s a huge crowd from all over the place there to party with. I won’t be doing the event at the Hammerstein, but I am attending it. Made sure that date was kept clear in my agenda just to be there and experience it. The minute Fadi told me the date I had it blocked.

Fadi has been a very close friend of mine since 2007 and we’ve shared the same agent for 6 years. It is really awesome and satisfying to see him do so well. I’m very happy for and proud of them!

It will be my first time in El Salvador and from the response on social media… that’s gonna be one hell of party. Think we’ll have about 10.000 people there. If you saw my face now, you’d see how excited I am hahaha.


ENLYou’re no stranger to NYC! Having just been here in May, how was that last show, and should the fans expect any surprises this time around?


Slake was great! First time at that venue and I loved it cause the vibe there is awesome. Felt right at home when I walked in. There are always surprises, and If I mention them right now…. they won’t be surprises anymore. I’ve finished some new productions so I will be road testing them the coming weeks.  I’m really looking forward to the pre-party at Cielo with Lange and Neptune Project and then to enjoy the big one at Hammerstein the day after. Man, what a weekend that’s gonna be. The next week is gonna be epic. Cyprus, Dance Valley in Amsterdam, El Salvador, Colombia and then NYC. I’m ready!


ENLFor the fans who might have missed your last NYC show, tell us what to expect in comparison to Rielism (your radio show on Are live events similar, or do you find yourself straying in another direction when creating the radio show every week?


Making a radio show is a bit different. I often play tracks in it that I can’t play or wouldn’t play live because they wouldn’t really fit my sets or the vibe I’m trying to create when on stage. That also depends a bit on the set times, but a radio show gives me the opportunity to show people more about what I personally listen to. Also a big factor is that when I record the radio show I’m not in a club setting so the entire vibe is totally different. What people can expect from my set is high energy, bass and melodies =)


ENL:  On your FB page, you’re super open with the fans. You often share with us great stories about yourself and your music. Which one is your favorite or most important?

SVR: Very glad to hear you like the stories and I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about them which is awesome. The idea of sharing these stories started a long time ago, but I wasn’t ready to be THAT open yet. Some are pretty personal, but at 1 point I thought… they can hear it in the music anyways so I’m just gonna share some of them. It’s not a secret that I use my life and the things I experience in it as inspiration for my music. It’s pretty cool to be able to channel thoughts and feelings and turn em in to music. Who needs therapy? hahaha.


ENL:  You have not one, but TWO  Doge!!! Riva and Saijo, right? Probably two of the cutest we’ve ever seen! They seem super laid back, and obvious- they love trance! 

SVR: Hahahah, yes I have 2 Doge!! They are suuuuuper chill =) but sometimes extremely energetic as well. Riva is the one who’s always chilling with me in the studio. she loves herself some trance for sure ha. I’ve placed a couch for her in my studio and a cushion on the floor as well, she’s not spoiled at all.. *cough!*

Saijo is super chill. He’s always chilling in the living room minding his own business till I come down… he goes from 0 to 100 in a split second because he knows we’re going out for a walk hahaha. I love these 2 dogs and I do miss them when I’m away for a long time.


Purchase tickets to the show on August  8th here:

Make sure to check out Sied’s newest tune, Gravity here:

You can purchase  Gravity here:

You can connect with SVR and keep up to date on everything he’s up to here:

And you can see the Doge’s,Riva and Saijo here:




Originally written for ENL by Samantha Scroxton

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