2014 was the year that brought forth a surge of popularity to psychedelic trance. Since then, the genre has found its way into the mainstream airways. Countless artists of different sub genres would incorporate this into their sets. Unbeknownst to the main stage crowds, this genre is an entirely different world. Dozens of festivals across the globe hold massive gatherings and festivals dedicated to the genre and life itself. Unfortunately with the mainstream impact, quality control can always be in danger when something becomes commercialized and mass produced. Yet, at the same time, the rise and popularity wakes unseen talent and the result becomes extraordinary. That’s precisely where Qhemist comes in.

Qhemist hails from Texas, a U.S. state known for a medley of country and cowboys; it’s definitely not the place one would expect to find an artist able to produce high caliber psy trance music. His latest banger titled “Organic” is an exciting approach to psy with ground shaking bass drums. It’s an eerie start that takes you through a sonic trip of some impenetrable jungle into a dark tribal ritual. A perfect track for those who are keen to tracks that are on the darker side. At the same time, it is absolutely, without doubt a track that would bring the crowd up and dancing to its infectious beat.

The track is signed to a small label called “Let It Out Records” from the UK but that did not stop it from breaking the Beatport charts. “Organic” peaked at the number 46 spot out of the blue. An amazing feat when considering the little to no spotlight it received on socials. One can say it organically climbed the charts due to its explosive quality. It seems that everything coming out of this minor label tends to break into the psy trance top charts. Qhemist and the rest of the artists on Let It Out Records are definitely some to watch on radar.

You can grab your own copy of this earth shattering track following this link.


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