Anyone in New York City nightlife knows that the words “Push The Night” are synonymous with good people and good music—the pairing of “Push” with Verboten’s new space in Williamsburg, though, is a match made in heaven. Brad Miller brings his party series to Brooklyn in a two-room music mania featuring the progressive sounds of Guy J, supported by Edu Imbernon, Nick Muir, Guy Mantzur, Stimming, and Brad himself. Coyu was initially set to be on the lineup as well but unfortunately cancelled his North American tour just days before. Regardless of this incident, fans of Guy J’s progressive sounds and the party series itself filled the club early on and kept it going late into the night.

Verboten’s new clubspace, located on North 11th in Williamsburg and steps away from the current reigning “cool kid” club Output, blends in to the area’s warehouse exteriors, with nothing really differentiating it from the other buildings other than the bouncer standing outside. Once inside the club, though, you’ll see art and music perfectly juxtaposed to create a unique club and lounge experience in both rooms. The back hallway, encompassing coatcheck, the smoking area, etc. is lined with modern art and industrial design stools at large woodblock tables for friends to hang out and grab a drink. From here, you can either move to two spaces: one being the eclectic lounge space boasting signature cocktails based on named after classic literature, and a more intimate feel. The lounge room had projections going on the wall as Brad Miller warmed up the space with proggy tech-house sounds that fit the vibe of the room perfectly. Throughout the night, this was a great room to relax and take a seat, a bit of a respite from the main room with a completely different atmosphere. Deep house tracks like Kink’s remix of “Fever”, L.E.D’s “Glimpse” and the Audiojack remix of “Erotic Disclosure” echoed throughout the lounge and created a perfect soundtrack for the dancing crowd and the art pieces behind the DJ booth. The sounds in this room for most of the night leaned more towards the deep house side of the spectrum, which was always a fun listen when switching back and forth between rooms

Going into the main room was completely different experience—the dark, square space was illuminated only by lights reflecting off the giant discoball in the middle of the room. With raised viewing platforms on either side of the main dancefloor (and a packed dancefloor for the entire night) I found the space a bit intense at first, especially since you enter from the back and then have to fight your way up-front. Yet once you had your space, the lights and the sound were ideal for a long night of dancing. Guy J created a stunning set of deep and techhouse on the dancefloor, keeping the night dark yet melodic. Fans were lucky enough also have Guy J and Guy Mantzur do a Guy vs. Guy set, which combined their unique sounds into one delightful tech-house masterpiece of a set.

The biggest surprise of the night though, was the closing set by Stimming. So many people were absolutely blown away by his set (myself included) that he more than gained a few fans that night. His set was so minimal, yet so groovy all at once—it was a perfect way to end the night. Some of his more popular tracks, such as “Kleine Nachtmusik” and “After Eight” are just so sexy and contagious that it was hard to tear yourself away from the dancefloor in he late hours of the night. Overall, Stimming was the biggest surprises of the night and one of my highlights.

All in all, I am so happy that Push the Night has found a home with Verboten—the perfect pairing of the music with the space was fantastic, and the crowd was more than appreciative to take the entire scene in. If you want to catch the next Push the Night, the party returns to Verboten on May 10th with Ripperton + Louise live. Verboten has always placed itself ahead of the pack when it came to curating music, but they go above and beyond with their new clubspace. In one night it has easily surpassed all of my expectations and has solidified itself as one of the top places to spend your weekend. Its classy without being pretentious, and unique without being gimmicky. I am more than certain I’ll be spending a lot of time there in the future!

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