“People” is VII’s first release of 2018 by the extraordinary Sean Tyas. This track rushes in from the get go as a powerful Psy-Trance tune in its nature and just kicks you at every corner. Somehow Tyas manages to break expectation yet again. Known as one of the top producers in the scene, it doesn’t come as a simplicity. If this is the first release for the year on VII, you can rest assure that expectations are soaring for the next few releases on the label.

The track just exemplifies the definition of “practice what you preach”. Tyas is known for setting the bar high and producing tracks that the word “quality” doesn’t suffice to describe his work. “People” is a very regal track. The breakdown of string instruments provides just that precise kick of euphoria. The track goes back to it’s brutal bass lines and kick after that one small moment of symphonic highs with even greater power. This is the type of track that you can show people when you’re talking about trance music in general.

This is the perfect first taste for someone who wonders: “What’s the big deal with this trance stuff?”. Roaring bass lines, grandiose melodies, and a vocal sample that reminds you of the beauty of this world: “Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world… the disarray. I choose to see the beauty”. Although, we can thank “Westworld” for that one, but it just sits so perfectly with the track. Therefore, without a doubt this is indeed a Tyas masterpiece. It’s a complete trance track, satisfying all around.

Luckily you can pick up your very own copy of the extended mix on beatport exclusively.


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