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On a weekend where many were celebrating their 4th of July holiday with fireworks and BBQ’s, EDM East and Mystery Sounds brought legendary trance producer Sebastian Brandt for his NYC debut at Chrystie 141.

Sebastian is best known for the anthem to ASOT 450 as well as the massive track Ashes, and I was surprised and happy that this was his first time in NYC.
I got to the club around 1215 or so, when Sebastian was starting up his set.  The initial tracks were big on psy, lot of bass triplet, high energy tracks.  But he moved from those right into more melodic, uplifting tracks.  What I really loved about his set was that I didn’t recognize very much of it.
Don’t get me wrong, I love recognizing tracks as much as the next guy, and singing along is great, but I hearing a set of mostly unreleased tracks can be quite refreshing nowadays.  And, moreover, now if I hear a set where an artist makes the journey between psy and melodic it will bring me back to that set.   Sebastian did play his classics like “450” and “Ashes,” but I was relieved the next day when he told me most of it was stuff he produced himself.
I was very impressed that the crowd that showed up.  Of course it wasn’t packed, but those who came out were some of the true trance addicts, who were very much engaged throughout Sebastian’s set.
The only downside to the night was the Chrystie 141 sound system.  During Allen and Envy’s set a few weeks ago, the sound would occasionally cut out and it was a bit annoying.  Silly me, I figured they’d fix it by now…  but actually it got much much worse.  Sebastian was clearly frustrated with how often it was cutting out, and there was no one there who could fix it.
Following up on Sebastian’s set was a rare B2B performance by Mike Saint-Jules and Dave Barbera, two of NYC’s elite trance DJ’s.  They brought the fire early with SiPat’s “Dissolve” (Freedom Fighters mix), and Roger Shah, DJ Feel ft. Zara’s “One Life.”  It was a powerful, high energy closing set, which is exactly what you want in that spot.  Great follow to Sebastian.
All in all another wonderful night of trance in NYC.  Thanks to EDM East, Mystery Sounds, and everyone else for making it a blast!

Originally written for ENL by Disco Stu

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