Nothing more can be said of “Amber”, one of the biggest trance hits of 2016. After releasing under The Thrillseekers’ Hydra alias, the track also came to us in the shape of the highly acclaimed uplifting remix by Skylex. Now, in 2018, the new FSOE Parallels label brings us a newly worked remix by Vintage & Morelli. As the next release after The Blizzard’s “Decade” (Listen Here), it is following suit in smashing the trance top 100 chart on Beatport. This only makes sense as the remix has been highly sought after as Aly & Fila has pounded it out in shows throughout 2017.

The Vintage & Morelli spin on “Amber” features a much deeper sound than the original. While the Hydra iteration had a brief breakdown, this remix features a longer build to reach a satisfying peak in the most progressive fashion imaginable. Vintage & Morelli take the iconic plucks of “Amber” and build a new aura around the track. What was mysterious, is now euphoric. That is not to say this is a bad thing, as it is just a new route to be taken with “Amber”.

As this “Amber” remix is not the first to be released, it definitely takes off at a slower pace than the other mixes. Clocking in at 126 BPM, it is a far cry from the original BPM at 134 & the uplifting Skylex mix at 138 respectively. However, Vintage & Morelli’s progressive take is engaging enough to feel just as enchanting and put the worry of some purists to rest. The high energy hi-hats make it the most dance-able edition of the track, infecting the dancefloor with a contagious groove.

This remix serves its purpose. It adds something new to the table, and is not just an unnecessary addition to an over-saturated shelf space. With The Thrillseekers being a name most associate with quality releases, it is to be expected that the remix screening is so selective. The Vintage & Morelli remix not only manages to do the track justice, but also succeeds in adding the unique flavor that only Vintage & Morelli can provide.

To read more about Vintage & Morelli check out the social media links below. Please help support the artist and label involved by purchasing the track here, and prolong its stay on the top charts.




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  1. Love all his work, he does no wrong in my opinion one of my favourite artists.

    Keith Harris / Reply

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