Over the last 2 years ‘Dreams’, ‘My Heaven’ and most recently ‘The Reason’ have each individually cast their floor-spells, capturing clubbing hearts & trance fans’ minds. Now, adding to their count, ‘4ever’ marks Alex’s
‘4-quel’ studio partnership with singer, songwriter and arguably now the German producer’s foremost vocal muse, Natalie Gioia.

In news to further delight M.O.R.P.H.ers and M.O.R.P.H.ettes, ‘4ever’ not only follows-up the success of VANDIT’s autumn 2014 ‘Sacred Heart’ smash, but is also the herald single for Alex’s hotly anticipated 2015 third artist album through the label.

Out now through VANDIT – Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check ‘4ever’ out via VANDIT’s SoundCloud page here:

On ‘4ever’ Alex once again musters all his locomotive production power, perfectly harmonizing with Natalie’s vocal & lyrical stir.

Suffice to say if it’s uplift that you seek, then, on ‘4ever’, it is uplift you will find! A truly heroic piece of endorphin-coursin’, speaker-scorchin’ mighty’ trance, Alex opens his 2015 album account with ‘4ever’ today!


01: ‘4ever’

Originally written for ENL by Starkprofilespr

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