The guys of Limelght, Nick Gunn and Tanner Wilfong,  have just released a colossal track for  Interplay Recordings, entitled “Right Now,” featuring the stunning vocals of Alina Renae. Right off the bat, this is a track due for heavy rotation on music players across the globe. The track is reminiscent of times where the EDM bubble grew to new heights; it includes an emotional set of lyrics, brilliantly executed by Renae, and a build up that would crush the commercial main stage. A track worthy of said main stage, worthy to uplift and drive a flurry of chills up the spine, this one will be memorable.

Amid developing their key sounds, Limelght is changing the game in terms of production quality. “Right Now,” sounds clean and crisp through the speakers, every little detail is detectable. The melody is unlike any in circulation out in the world of electronic music right now. It flows and progresses perfectly and changes per section and Renae’s vocals compliment it beyond perfection. You don’t have a boring build and drop like that of traditional commercial big room, thus making this track special. It retains a melodic and vocal power throughout and that makes it a musical gem.



In terms of lyrics, the track gains extra emotional drive, as if the instrumental layering wasn’t enough to flood emotion into you. The intonation in Renae’s voice also drives it all a step further. From start to finish, you’re taken through a journey of feeling and with the final two lyrics, you yearn for more. Hence, why it’s a track worthy of an obscene amount of rotation and listens.



Interplay Recordings is a sub label of Armada Music and the duo is no stranger to having mammoth releases with them, having their first signed release, “Don’t Leave Me Now,” immediately picked up by Armind. This up and coming pair is one to keep a close eye on. They’re bursting into super stardom any second now and are looking to be a new constant in the Armada realm.


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