New album ‘9999 in 1’ coming 1/20/15 

on Magic Trooper

Listen to the first single ‘Drivel’ HERE


In anticipation of his video game-inspired debut album, Mord Fustang has teamed up with LessThan3and Machinima (the most notorious purveyor of fandom and gamer culture; a network of over 20,000 YouTube talent channels and represent over 2 billion views each month) for ‘Plugged in with Mord Fustang.’ On Wednesday, November 12th, go to to tune into a live-streaming event with Mord, as he takes part in a live interview, and plays the newly-released Halo: The Master Chief Collection with fans on Xbox for music viewers worldwide.


“I knew Mord was a perfect fit for a Machinima livestream when I asked him what games he was playing and he sent over a list of over 50+ games itemized by game system. His name in the electornic music scene and Machinima’s roots in gaming will create an amazing platform to see how the two industries mix. The goal of all of this is to bridge fans from both sides who appreciate the same kinds of new age and interactive content.” – Lester Chen, Director of Live Programming, Machinima


The event will feature an exclusive interview about gaming, music, and his forthcoming LP, followed by a live tutorial on constructing a track from Mord himself. Then, fans will get their chance to go head to head with Mord in the new Halo on Xbox Live!


Fans can expect special appearances from some of Mord Fustang’s friends and fellow DJ/producers, including Cole Plante and more! Tune in at on Wednesday, 11/12 @ 5-7PM PST /8-10PM EST to see it all go down!



Following numerous Beatport Top 10 smashes and a slew of top festival and club appearances, DJ/producer Mord Fustang is set to release his debut album, ‘9999 in 1,’ on his own label Magic Trooper.


The album finally lifts the curtain on the enigmatic wizard famed for merging teched-out house, disco, electro, glitch, and hard bass grooves in a single track. According to Mord Fustang, 9999 in 1 is “kind of a concept album.” Growing up in the small Eastern European country of Estonia, Mord became a video game fanatic – today he claims “70% of my body is made of video games.” Still, the only games available during his childhood were “pirated Russian knockoffs of Nintendo cartridges that had five games and weird hacks like ‘Naked Super Mario Brothers.’ The title comes from the random numbers they always had on the plastic yellow cartridges. The album is a 8-bit homage to the nostalgia I have for those games.”


This is evident through tracks like the Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat inspired “Press Play,” which uses the ticking of the timer that ticks down before players press play in the game, and “Skyward World,” which is built around the sound of the cartridge being removed from the old Sega Genesis consoles.


Fans were given their first taste of 9999 in 1 when premiered the release’s first single, ‘Drivel.’


 Buy ‘Drivel’ on Beatport HERE.



9999 in 1 drops January 20th, 2015, but fans won’t have to wait that long to hear more of what’s to come from Mord Fustang’s debut album. On November 12th, fans can pre-order the album, and will receive the next single, ‘Pop’ featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Georgia Murray’s new duo, LIINKS, upon the track’s release on November 25th.





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