Trance continues to evolve into different sub-genres, many purists cling to a time where all trance emoted true passion and happiness through its uplifting melodies. Thankfully, we have Solarstone to keep trance alive. His Pure Trance club concept has taken him all around the world, supported by those who part from new production fads in search of quality, captivating sound. Pure Trance returns to Exchange LA for one of their biggest events on the west coast, featuring melodic heavyweights Orkidea, Sneijder, alongside Solarstone. These three producers are the epitome of Pure Trance, celebrating the music we as trance fans know and love so well.


As fans poured into the super-club, excitement was high for Finnish DJ Orkidea, who had not played in Los Angeles for a couple years prior to this event. With his new album Harmonia on the horizon, he arrived to Exchange with an artillery of brand new tracks, ready to unleash them onto the LA trance family. To start off the evening, he opened with his original track “Purity”, immediately setting the tone for the evening. Throughout his set, Tapio continuously proved what a talent he is both in the studio and behind the decks – with each new production he played, the crowd would go wild, eager for new material. Pair this with his classic tunes and remixes, including his absolutely epic remix of Hans Zimmer’s “Time”, and the result is a perfect trance set. His set got the dance floor moving while whetting our appetites for more quality trance to come.

More info on the amazing ‘Harmonia’ album here.
Riding high off of Orkidea’s set, Solarstone amped up the room with his melodic set filled with heart-wrenching vocals that prompted the crowd to sing at the top of their lungs in unison. From his own remix of Aly and Fila’s “The Other Shore” to the classic remix of Lemon’s “We Can’t Fly”, there were moments when the entire room was united as one chorus beneath the Pure Trance logo overhead. As he closed his set, confetti burst into the sky as “Lovers” played, reminding the crowd why they fell in love with trance in the first place. The pure emotion, the pure joy that comes with each track is unknown to any other genre of dance music.

Originally written for ENL by MikeV

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